What is a Long Shot in Soccer? Long Shot Goals vs Finishing

We’ve all seen legendary soccer moments where long shots are scored from areas on the field no one previously thought was possible. These long shots in soccer games are indeed a sight to behold, but what is a long shot in soccer, and what makes it different from other scoring methods?

There are many different types of soccer shots. The long shot is a shot taken from beyond 25 yards and is generally struck with power rather than finesse. It’s different from finishing in that the shot occurs from outside the penalty area and is only scored ever with the feet.

The long shot is a work of art that only a few players have mastered. Keep reading for more details on this type of soccer shot, and find out what makes it different than other types of kicks.

What is a long shot in soccer?

The professionals may shoot the ball from what seems like miles away from the goal. These types of shots are called long shots, and they’re definitely a fine-tuned skill that not everyone is suited for.

Long shots in soccer are one way to score a goal. If done correctly, the player kicking the ball will score from 25 yards or further from the goal. Long-shot goals often appear as highlights for their visual appeal and the required skill.

This type of shot takes a lot of time and practice to master. Usually, strikers and midfielders are the ones doing the scoring and are adept at shooting the ball. A long shot is one of the many types of shots in football/soccer.

Some long-shot pros like Steven Gerrard, who has quite possibly scored the most long shot goals in football, are famous for their striking ability and scoring from long distances. Take the following video, for example.

Defenders can also shoot the ball from wherever they please. Whether or not it goes in is a different story.

Check out one of the best long shot goals in football history from Manchester City’s former star defender and captain Vincent Kompany, as he ferociously strikes the ball into the top right corner against Leicester City during Manchester City’s would-be back-to-back championship season.

Vincent Kompany scores a crucial long-shot goal against Leicester City during the 2018-2019 Premier League title race, potentially sealing Manchester City’s back-to-back championship title dreams.

Long-shot goals go in the back of the net more often than not when they’re on target because goalies aren’t prepared for them. As you saw in the video above, when a defender steps up to take a long shot, the other team doesn’t even attempt to stop the shot – a big mistake.

Long shots also put a lot of pressure on your hips, hamstring, and other leg muscles. Make sure you warm up properly before games — you never know when you’ll need to channel your inner Steven Gerrard and shoot the ball from 30 yards away.

How far is a long shot in soccer?

Long shots in soccer are taken from far out. They require precision, strength, and flawless technique.

The general rule of thumb is that long shots come from 25 yards or more away from the goal. The length from the goal determines the type of shot, and this distance classifies this type of shot as a long shot.

All goals scored from 25 yards or more from the goal are considered long shots. Long shots are different than other types of scoring, like finishing.

Long shots require power and good form. Improper form can result in your shot going out of bounds, and you definitely don’t want to be heckled by your mates during the next training session. Improve your form during training by practicing long shots and shooting from a distance.

How is a long shot different from finishing in soccer?

Finishing is different than long shots. It’s not the opposite of a long shot, but it’s different because it’s done closer to the goal. What exactly is finishing?

Finishing is one of the ways to score a goal in soccer. Finishing is when a player scores a goal from inside the penalty area, usually within 12 yards, with their foot, head, or any other body part that isn’t their hand or arm.

Finishing in soccer occurs within the penalty area, a designated, outlined 18-yard area at either end of a soccer field.
An aerial view of a penalty area on a soccer field.

Rather than finishing, long shots are taken from a long distance from the net. Finishing is done close to the goal and does not include long shots.

Players can excel at finishing but not so great at long shots, and vice versa.

Note: If you want to get better at one or the other, consider doing finishing or shooting drills during your next technical soccer practice. Ask your coaches to implement them into training, or do these drills on your own time.

The idea of finishing is that a player has “finished” the ball into the back of the net — they’ve scored a goal from inside the penalty area during the run of play, usually from a through ball or cross. Long shots are different from finishes because of the distance from the goal and how they’re scored.

Most goals scored in soccer come from inside the penalty area or just outside of it. Strikers need to have excellent finishing ability to score goals for their team and make an impact in their role.

Long shots are a harder shot in soccer

The distance from which they’re scored makes long shots different from other types of shots.

Long shots are different because they come far away from the goal – about 25 yards or more. They’re different from finishing, a type of scoring done from inside the penalty area. Long shots are generally struck with power and precision.

Long-shot specialists have strong shot power and great accuracy. They have a knack for hitting the soccer ball’s sweet spot and placing it into one of the four corners of a goal.

These shots often come off the foot with a bit of spin, making them hard for goalkeepers to track, even though it means they have a long distance and usually more time to do so.

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